I provide healing for people as an instrument for the Creator.

Here is a bit about me:

I’ve been on an intense healing journey. I came from the darkness to light. I’ve travelled to many places around the world to grow and develop myself. I’ve met many amazing shamans, healers, therapists and bodyworkers. I collect all this knowledge because I know how important it is. I purify myself a lot. I know the more I heal myself the more efficiently I’ll be able to help others. The more I learn and understand the more I can give. The journey never stops and it can be very difficult at times but it is certainly very rewarding, beautiful and profound. I am grateful every day of my life that I have chosen to walk on this spiritual path.


I started to feel many things while giving a massage, I knew something was happening beyond physical level. Many clients were asking me what I do but I didn’t understand it until recently. I spent some time in the jungle in Peru to work with shamans and plant medicines. During San Pedro ceremony a shaman asked me to massage his neck. After I finished he explained to me that I have a Don, which is a natural ability, a gift. He said that I remove physical pain but also my spirit removes spiritual pain and destroys it. He also said my energy penetrated his body very deeply, inside his bones. He told me I was born with a healing gift in my hands and I should be aware of it and develop it.

I believe people should come together and help each other, we need everyone to wake up. I want to fight in this battle. We are being manipulated and controlled but we have so much power. We just need to remember who we are. We need to get well. Once you get well you are not an easy target anymore. You can’t be manipulated into doing things you don’t want to do, you will reach your potential, you will be happy. I am aiming big and I’m planning to open my healing center soon where people can come to change their lives. Anything is possible we just need to remember.



My massage is a combination of different styles and techniques. I go with the flow. I listen to your body. I follow my intuition. My touch is flexible. One moment is very deep, next moment is soft like a touch of a feather. It is slow and considerate. I am focused. I go gradually, I want the body to trust me and not to reject my hands.

I am always present. Every single stroke is given with love. People who come to me trust me with their bodies and I understand I have something very precious in my hands. I treat everyone with love and respect.

Many massage therapists know the techniques but treat people like a piece of meat. They are not present, their heart and mind is missing, they are following the routine. They might know the anatomy but don’t understand the energy, the intention, they are not conscious of what is going on. And people always feel it. I can’t let it happen, I want people to feel loved and cared for when I touch them.



What I’ve learned:

Reichian spinal, neck and shoulder massage
Deep pelvic expansion massage
Thai Yoga 
Hot and cold stones (not available at the moment)
Chakra opening (shamanic way)



Tantric Breathwork (complete, Male-Female breath)
Toaist Massage
Exit massage, wave massage
Awakening of the senses
Techniques to dearmour the body
Yab yum massage, yin-yang touch*

I have developed my style working with hundreds of clients every year and observing how they react to my treatment. I only use natural oils (pure coconut oil and essential oils). But most importantly – I care about people. And it makes a huge difference when it comes to touch and healing. I don’t follow any routine, I mix everything I know.

I’m not able to use everything in one session because there is not enough time. If there is anything you are particularly interested in please let me know before so I’ll keep it in mind. It is best if you just surrender and trust me.

* Please note I do not offer full Tantra sessions and I do not give Lingham (penis) or prostate massage. It is my personal choice and please respect it. I only offer Yab Yum if I established a connection with someone and I feel comfortable and safe. I feel very free and comfortable naked but I don’t massage naked because I don’t want people to misunderstand my therapy or book me just to see me naked. However, you can be naked if you choose to. 

I am also qualified as a Sound Therapist. I offer sound healing sessions, working with Tibetan singing bowls, which have different planets frequencies. I place the bowls around and on the body and as they vibrate, the body reacts to it and magic happens. I got qualified in Sound Academy in Nepal.

I also facilitate Inner Dance. I tune in to you while you surrender and go deep inside yourself as the music takes you through a range of brain waves. You could read more about inner dance here: http://bahaykalipay.com/an-overview-through-an-interview

I learned in Bahay Kalipay and in Koh Phangan from Flordeliza Amore Pesigan- an amazing healer an artist who learned directly from Pi (the founder) himself. I can play Inner Dance music during the massage if you wish but it is not purely relaxing because it is design to take you through different brain waves.


Your Plan

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1.5 h £150

2h £ 200

3 h £300

VIP £ 600


I offer VIP bookings, you can book me for 8 hours for extreme healing. By VIP I absolutely don’t mean escort services, I mean VIP healing ONLY, please don’t come up with any ideas 🙂

8 hours is a lot of time to focus purely on YOU. I suggest we can start with consultation, breathwork, eye gazing then do a long 4h massage- I’ll combine many things I know. After that I can give you a sound healing session which will intensify the experience a lot. Then we could have a little break, see how you are feeling and if you are ready to go deep we will do Inner Dance session (about 45mins-1 hour), then depending on how you are feeling we can have a sharing or do some more exercises but by this point you will probably have enough (our bodies also have a limit on how much healing they can take at once! 😉 ). If there is anything that bothers you or you would like to change in your life I will listen to you with compassion and without any judgment. I’ll share my knowledge and experiences if you wish.

These are only guidelines, I will adapt to individual needs. We will go with the flow.



– Take a shower PLEASE. The massage will be more comfortable for both of us.
– Be honest when I ask about your injuries, medical conditions, allergies etc- it is for your  own benefit.
– Tell me if anything is uncomfortable or how can I make you feel better if something is not  right- you should enjoy the experience fully.
– Be respectful. If you treat me well, I’ll treat you well.
– Trust me. I want the best for you so keep your mind open and let me take control.
– Recommend me to friends if you liked the massage and please leave a review if you  have a minute And I’ll send you a lot of positive energy! Good karma.
– respect my boundaries 



– Come in when you are sick! Please, it is very important- massage can even worsen the symptoms, not to mention I don’t want to catch what you have.
– Use any hair products- gels, sprays etc- I will be massaging your head.
– Apologise for the state of your body or your house. I’m not there to judge you.
– Stress about anything. It’s time to fully relax and forget reality.
– do not grab me, don’t try to force my hands on your penis (yes, happened before!), do not touch my private parts! this behavior is totally unacceptable



To book please send me a private message on Facebook, Instagram

Email: londonmassagemarta@gmail.com
In your message include:
– your name
-how long you would like to book for
– incall or outcall (if outcall- where?) 
– which day and time is best for you?
If your chosen date is not available I’ll send my availability for the following days. 
£50 deposit is required to book a massage (the first booking only) so I can make sure it is a genuine booking and to avoid last minute cancellations. I accept bank transfers and Paypal. 


You can come to my quiet healing space in Herne Hill, next to the Brockwell Park. 10 minutes walk from Herne Hill station, minutes away by bus from Brixton station. I can come to your place – for minimum 2 h bookings and if not too far- message me to enquire if possible.



  • Please try to avoid eating large meals before the treatment as you might be uncomfortable. Don’t drink alcohol or take drugs. I don’t mind cannabis if it helps you to relax but I can relax you better than weed 🙂
  • It is not recommended to talk during the massage, it is best to focus on feelings and to let your mind go away. However, it is important to communicate your needs so if you would like more/less pressure, if you need a break or use the toilet, if you are feeling cold or anything is uncomfortable you should tell me so we can adjust. 
  • You should drink plenty of water to remove any toxins released by your treatment. Rest and relax as much as possible. You might need to use the toilet more often. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.
  • If you come to me- no. If I come to you just have a towel or 2 ready to cover your bed.
  • I recommend you wear nothing. You can leave your underwear on if you wish (however, it might get oily).
  • I wear a top and shorts. Simple.
  • Back, back of legs, front of legs including feet, abdomen, arms, neck, face and head.
  • Your body will be relaxed and might react in certain way, it is completely normal and natural. I do not get offended, I ignore it. You do not need to try to control it because you should be completely relaxed. You don’t need to be embarrassed about it.
  • No, I do not offer this type of services.
  • It is very unlikely you will get ticklish because the techniques I use can remove the tickling sensation
  • Yes, I bring my own relaxing music and healing songs. You can play your own if you wish.
  • It is best not to talk to me. You will enjoy the treatment more if you focus on receiving the massage instead of a conversation.
  • Yes, as long as there are no contradictions and you are respectful. I do not massage pregnant women and babies/children as I am not qualified to do it. I usually massage men because they seem to feel much more comfortable around me. 
  • Sometimes clients ask if they could give me anything. It’s very nice to see people feeling grateful but please do not buy anything very expensive or luxurious- I don’t accept such gifts. A flower, candle or a nice essential oil is more than enough and highly appreciated. If you would like to tip you can of course, all donations are going into opening my retreat in the future. 
  • Only if I approve the location and when I make sure it is totally safe for me. My travel and accommodation costs will have to be covered as well as my massage fee. I’ll need to provide minimum 6 hours of massage a day to consider going abroad, 2 days minimum.
  • Some people feel very connected and they feel like they want to touch so yes BUT not everywhere. Please don’t touch my private parts or grab me or try to be disrespectful in any way because I’ll stop the massage. 
  • It can feel that way. I mix deep and soft touch because it feels very nice and relaxing. Also, people feel energy flowing. But it’s not sexual type of service, my intention is to heal and relax you not anything else.
  • Feel free to message me any time. Email me or message me on Facebook. I will answer Your questions ASAP.


I went for a massage with Marta out of curiosity, with little experience of massages, as a one-off. The experience was beautiful from start to finish. The massage was wonderfully relaxing, whether it be extremely soft touches caressing the skin or deep tissue massage. Marta exhibited a variety of techniques that showed her expertise in this area. Perhaps surprisingly, Marta also has a great sense of humour. She is an interesting person to talk to; both profound and straightforward conversations are fine. Walking away, I felt what it was like to walk without aches. I also realised this would not be a one-off.
I've been lucky enough to spend many hours with Marta over the last couple of years, and every single occasion I've seen her has been the absolute highlight of my day, my week, my month.She makes anyone in her company feel special and completely the focus of her attention. She is able to identify every ache and pain, and slowly and incredibly professionally melt them away. Every time I see Marta, I walk away feeling like a million dollars. That's how much any time in her company is worth - trust me ladies and gents, you're getting an amazing deal!She's not only a talented and brilliant masseuse, she's also an excellent listener, giver of advice, and I hope she won't mind my saying that she's become a true friend to me as we've got to know each other over the years.If you get a chance to go and work with Marta, take it. You won't regret it. I hope that it improves your days as much as it does mine.
Marta is an excellent masseur, she started the session with a sitting down informal chat to understand what's going on with your life, any issues with your health, body, troubles, mental and physical.She was able to pin-point the exact location of any aches/pain/tension in your body and muscles, and she manipulated the energy and melt away the issues both efficiently and effectively.Massage as a whole was sensual and therapeutic, she could identify any blockage in the flow of the chakra and unblocked any issues to promote better flow of energy around the body.She put you at ease and you would leave the session with all your tension, weight lifted from your body, a sense of freedom and feeling total relaxation. Guarantee a good night sleep after this.
Experience with Marta was very spiritual and amazing. I happened to meet her when I was so tired and depressed during my business trip. Unexpectedly, I had her massages for two days continuously!Her treatments made me relaxed and calm. We started gazing together for a while after the small chat, then she massaged my body very gently as if she had embraced me. My stress was gone and I felt her energy pouring into my body. I got find a peace of mind.Finally I could recover my positive way of thinking with smiling. I think her massage is not only for the body but also for the mind.Thank you, Marta. I hope to see you again in near future.
Marta is very kind, sincere, professional and skilful.She has taken the time to have an informal chat with me at the beginning. She was welcome, approachable and friendly. We chatted for about 30 mins as she tried to get to know me, my interests, passions, as well as my issues, with my body, with my life, with my work, etc. The chat was just as important as the massage.She was very skilful, was able to pin-point exactly where all my knots were with minimal effort and proceed to sooth them and "destroy" them through various pressures and techniques. I could physically feel the tightness one by one disappearing.The whole 2 hours treatment was serene, calm and total relaxation, as she worked through my entire body from head to toe.My body felt free and the weight and the tightness pre-treatment had dissipated.After the session, I was able to sleep much better and deeper, I am used to wake up very early before 6am daily but the first night after the session, I didnt surface until 9am. I felt so energised.So happy with the treatment and the care and time Marta spent to fix me up.I will be booking to see her same time next month.
Marta provided a professional and exceptional environment and really cares about your requirements and expectations. The entire experience was surreal and was a real eye-opener with both mental and physical stimulation mixed with medication and calming music and scents. Thank you again Marta and continue your outstanding work!
I think somebody had described it as a "a touch of Heaven" and they were not wrong. I have so far only had one session with Marta and was not sure what to expect, Marta does not just come to massage she also likes to get to know a little about you, a genuinely warm and friendly girl who will put you at ease straight away. The massage itself was incredible, invigorating, relaxing and by the end I felt at peace, like I was floating on air, at the end Marta thought I had fallen asleep but in fact I was just so relaxed I didn't want to move or even speak, I just wanted to savour that floating sensation. I will go back to Marta and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone.Be sure to read her FAQ in full, it is very clear and definitely helpful.
I have seen Marta a few times now and have enjoyed every minute of every session.She is a genuinely lovely Girl who has an intuitive touch and gives the receiver a great experience - it is much more than a massage.She has a great technique and a way of allowing you to relax more than anyone else has ever done - for me anyway.Worth every penny!Chris
What an experience i had.I slept for over 14 hrs for om time she left me and didnt even realised its 1.5 hrs. I could feel the energy and heat released from my hand... very professional to understand my requirements and made sleepmlike a baby.London you are fortunate to have Marta based in your country and i wish Marta your dream spa branch can be in Singapore also.Best of luck and thanks
Prateek nayak
I would say it is a privilege for anyone to have met Marta. She is a bright individual and a truly gifted healer. Easy to work with and yet methodical where she’s able to bring you on a beautiful journey. I felt rejuvenated physically, mentally and emotionally like never before!Marta was also kind enough to help my Mother, whom had broken her leg severely, 3 months ago and required a major operation but her bones weren’t healing as well because of her age. she was not able to walk consistently at times during physiotherapy.However please understand.. due to the complicated nature of working with injuries, Marta rarely takes on clients with such needs but because she is a trusted Friend to my family she was willing to evaluate and did her magic. Truth be spoken, I was surprised to see my Mother walking the next morning without any assistance. We are truly grateful for her service & blessing!
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