Dream Alchemist. Passionate about Touch.

I have access to the Keys that open many Portals through the Body.




 Updates: I am not based in London anymore, I am in Guatemala at the moment. I will be visiting London at some point.

***ALERT: there are scammers online impersonating me. It is not possible to book a massage with me via any other website or person. I have always worked for myself only. Do not pay these people. ***




My name is Marta. 

One day someone told me I have a special touch and should learn how to massage. I didn’t believe him because I had a very little faith in myself at that time but his words stayed with me. 
After a while I decided to attend my first massage course. It opened a path that totally transformed my life. 
I used to be disconnected from my body, others and myself. My heart was closed. I was ruled by fear, shame and guilt. 
I realised I was depressed, traumatised, broke and lonely. 
Through massage and exploration of my body I started to heal my wounds and open new possibilities.
©  www.massagemarta.com ~Photo by Art Galloway~

© www.massagemarta.com ~Photo by Art Galloway~

I feel a lot while giving massages. I knew something was happening beyond physical level but I didn’t understand as much as my logical mind would like me to so I spent some time in the Peruvian Amazon to work with plant medicines on a deeper level. 

In the jungle, I was told I have a ”don” in my hands, which is a natural ability, a gift. They said I remove physical pain as well as spiritual pain and I was born with this gift. I was encouraged to be aware of it and keep developing it. I felt very ”special” at that time but after a few years I started to realise we all have this gift. We all have ability to assist others to heal.

Right now, I am dedicated to teach what I have learned and share my experience with others. 

I’ve been developing my massage style and learning from many different sources around the world.
I massaged hundreds of people, mainly in London and I am truly grateful for each person who trusted me. I witnessed incredible transformations, openings and deeply touching moments during this time. I realised how powerful the touch is and how much we neglect it. I truly believe we can transform and heal so much through the body. 
My passion and trust is contagious and I intend to transmit it to you if you feel I could be the right person to gently guide you into exploration these possibilities. 



My massage is a combination of different styles and techniques. I surrender and let myself be guided. I listen to the body, follow my intuition and maintain my focus. My hands are flexible- deep strokes intertwine with soft, loving touch. I am slow, considerate and deepen my access gradually- I want the body to trust me and not to reject my hands.

I am always present. Every single stroke is given with love. People who come to me trust me with their bodies and I understand I have something very precious in my hands. I treat everyone with love and respect.

Many massage therapists know the techniques but lack care and attention. They are not present, the connection is missing, they are following the routine. They might know the anatomy but don’t understand the energy and the intention.  People always feel it. I can’t let it happen because I want people to feel loved and cared for when I touch them.



What I’ve been learning:


Reichian spinal, neck and shoulder massage

Deep pelvic expansion massage


Thai Yoga 

Hot and cold stones 

Chakra opening 

Tantric Breathwork

Taoist Massage

Techniques to dearmour the body


I have developed my style working with hundreds of clients every year and observing how they react to my treatment.

I only use natural oils handmade by myself, infused with wonderful, medicinal herbs. I usually infuse my oils with calendula, comfrey and lavender.

 I truly care about people. It makes a huge difference when it comes to touch and healing. I don’t follow any particular routine, I follow my intuition.

I’m not able to use all techniques in one session. If there is anything you are particularly interested in please let me know before so I’ll keep it in mind. It is best if you just surrender and trust me.

IMPORTANT : I do not give penis ”happy ending” massages. It is my personal choice- please respect it. Do not contact me if this is what you are looking for.

I feel free and comfortable naked but I don’t massage naked because I am afraid that people might misunderstand my therapy or book me only for this reason. However, you can be fully naked if you choose to. It can be very healing to be naked in a non sexual situation- fully exposed in a space of love and acceptance.

I am qualified as a Sound Therapist. I offer sound healing sessions, working with Tibetan singing bowls, which have different planets frequencies. 

I facilitate Inner Dance sessions. Surrender and go deep inside yourself as the music takes you through a range of brain waves and put you into a different state of consciousness. At this time I might touch you, channel some words or a question, comfort you if needed or help to bring out stuck emotions. I recently spent 4 magical months in Philippines diving deeper into this practice.

Perhaps you want to combine a massage with Inner Dance sessions- in this case I would first massage you and then take you on this wonderful journey. 


In London :

2 h- £200

3 h- £300

In Guatemala:

Prices in Guatemala are negotiable depending on the situation- message me for details. 




  • You could set an intention for your massage
  • Take a shower
  • Don’t eat directly before- I recommend to eat 2 hours (or more) before the massage to allow time for digestion




  • inform me if there is anything I can do to make you feel better – you should enjoy the experience fully.

  • Be respectful- respect me and my boundaries. If you treat me well, I’ll treat you well.

  • Trust me. I want the best for you so keep your mind open, relax and let me take control.
  • Prepare the space- the most important factor is the temperature. It should be warmer than usual. You won’t enjoy the massage if it is cold. Cover your bed with a towel/sheet because I’ll be using oil.





– Apologise for the state of your body or your house. I’m not there to judge you.

– Stress about anything. It’s time to fully relax and forget reality.

– Use any hair products- gels, sprays etc- I will be massaging your head.

– DO NOT  touch my private parts. DO NOT  try to force my hands on your penis.  This behaviour is unacceptable and I will not tolerate it.



To book please email me londonmassagemarta@gmail.com

You can also get in touch through Instagram @massagemarta or my Fb page massagemarta

This is the only way to book a massage with me, if you see me anywhere else it is a scam- please report it. 


Email: londonmassagemarta@gmail.com
In your message include:
– Your name
– Duration of the massage- I take minimum 2 h bookings at the moment
– Your location- I travel a lot and don’t have a place in London anymore so outcalls only
– Chosen date and time
If your chosen date/time is not available I’ll send my availability for the days before/ after
£50 deposit is required to book a massage (the first booking only) so I can make sure it is a genuine booking and to avoid last minute cancellations. I accept bank transfers and Paypal. 


My services were available in London but I moved out in October 2018. I have been traveling ever since 🙂 Currently in Guatemala.



  • It is not recommended to talk during the massage, it is best to focus on feelings and to let your mind go away. However, it is important to communicate your needs so if you would like more/less pressure, if you need a break or use the toilet, if you are feeling cold or anything is uncomfortable you should tell me so we can adjust. Be free, be open, trust.
  • You should drink plenty of water to remove any toxins released by your treatment. Rest and relax as much as possible. You might need to use the toilet more often. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.
  • Towels/ sheets to cover your bed.

  • I recommend you wear nothing but you can wear as much clothes as you want. However, I am using oil so it is best to wear as little as you are comfortable with.
  • I wear a top and shorts or a sarong.
  • Back, bum, back of legs, front of legs including feet, abdomen, arms, neck, face and head.
  • Your body will be relaxed and might react in certain way, it is completely normal and natural. I do not get offended, I ignore it. You do not need to try to control it because you should be completely relaxed. Please don’t feel embarrassed about it.
  • No, I do not offer this type of services.
  • It is very unlikely you will get ticklish because the techniques I use can remove the tickling sensation
  • Yes, I bring my own relaxing music and healing songs. You can play your own if you wish.
  • It is best not to talk to me. You will enjoy the treatment more if you focus on receiving the massage instead of a conversation.
  • Yes, as long as there are no contradictions and you are respectful. I do not massage pregnant women as I am not qualified to do it.  I massage all body types.
  • Sometimes clients ask if they could give me anything. It’s very nice to see people feeling grateful but please do not buy anything very expensive. A flower, candle or a nice essential oil is more than enough and highly appreciated. If you would like to tip of course you can 🙂 All donations are going into opening my retreat in the future. 
  • Most likely no at the moment but you can always ask if you cover my costs. 

  • Some people feel very connected and they feel like they want to touch me. I allow respectful touch BUT not everywhere. Please don’t touch my private parts, grab me, be pushy and aggressive.
  • It can feel this way. I use different kind of touch to create special sensations. Also, you can feel energy exchange and your own energy flow. But it’s not a sexual type of service. 
  • Feel free to message me any time. Email me or message me on Facebook/ Instagram. I will answer when I can. 


Review - Chloe's beautiful sharing

Thiago's Review - Beyond Physical

I've had a number of massages before but none like this. It is a complete out of this world experience. Marta places great emphasis on emotion in her style and technique and it was this that made this a very special journey.I felt so at ease during the session that I travelled to another place both in mind and body. A place of tranquility, peace and utter bliss. I woke up feeling a completely reborn person.Kindness, care and passion is what Marta showed in this session and I would highly recommend anyone looking to achieve spiritual connection and break from reality to visit Marta.
I feel so very privileged to have been able to spend such a profound afternoon with Marta. That night I slept better than I have in years and woke up still able to feel her touch, still feeling held by her, and still feeling so peaceful. I can honestly say that I’ve never experienced anything like it before. It feels as though Marta is very quickly and easily able to attune to the other, and that, combined with her unique and beautiful blend of the strength, the tenderness and the delicate sensitivity that her femininity brings, makes her very easy to trust, very easy to surrender to. I found the whole experience to be incredibly healing, both physically and emotionally. Marta has such a beautiful way about her, and made me feel so very special too.
I have known Marta a few years now. She hired my studio as a place to work. Her words; "Higher Self" and "The Divine Within" kept resonating and meaning more to me each time I thought of, or heard, them.Men massaged by women often enterpret massage as sexual relief - 'a happy ending'. Over the years I came to know the male orgasm is a temporary release. Fullfilment is reached when one can separate thoughts from actions of self-gratification. It takes years to understand what it is to love one's self. Years of pain and suffering often are the path towards self-healing. Marta's spiritual, sensual and physical treatments are a catalyst to self belief and healing.Marta's treatment began with conversation, breathing and questions. I needed to separate the sexual from the spiritual. I needed to invite my divine spirit, my higher self, to be present with me.I lay naked on the couch and listened to Marta singing in the corner of my studio. Her beautiful voice, I presumed, calling, inviting in her higher self, before performing her masssage on me.I experienced Marta's sensual touch and that aroused me and I remember her words. "focus on my touch or the music. Stop all thoughts". Men when aroused, and not satisfied, suffer what they commonly call lover's or 'blue balls' - physical pain from thoughts of expectation and pleasure. When spiritual and physical treatments work, there is no after-pain from arousal, arousal passes, as natural as breathing.At the moment I disconnected my thoughts from Marta's welcome touch. Her touch became my invitation to accept sacred, spiritual healing.Having spent 10 years (1998 - 2008) working in sports therapy, assisting a premiership foot surgeon and a UK Olympic physiotherapist, I have yet to come across a more cumulatively effective therapy than Marta's. We all want to be unique. Marta's treatment triggered my belief - I am unique.- Howard Pugh (Marais) - gettyimages* contributing photographer
Howard Pugh (Marais)
I went for a massage with Marta out of curiosity, with little experience of massages, as a one-off. The experience was beautiful from start to finish. The massage was wonderfully relaxing, whether it be extremely soft touches caressing the skin or deep tissue massage. Marta exhibited a variety of techniques that showed her expertise in this area. Perhaps surprisingly, Marta also has a great sense of humour. She is an interesting person to talk to; both profound and straightforward conversations are fine. Walking away, I felt what it was like to walk without aches. I also realised this would not be a one-off.
I've been lucky enough to spend many hours with Marta over the last couple of years, and every single occasion I've seen her has been the absolute highlight of my day, my week, my month.She makes anyone in her company feel special and completely the focus of her attention. She is able to identify every ache and pain, and slowly and incredibly professionally melt them away. Every time I see Marta, I walk away feeling like a million dollars. That's how much any time in her company is worth - trust me ladies and gents, you're getting an amazing deal!She's not only a talented and brilliant masseuse, she's also an excellent listener, giver of advice, and I hope she won't mind my saying that she's become a true friend to me as we've got to know each other over the years.If you get a chance to go and work with Marta, take it. You won't regret it. I hope that it improves your days as much as it does mine.
Marta is an excellent masseur, she started the session with a sitting down informal chat to understand what's going on with your life, any issues with your health, body, troubles, mental and physical.She was able to pin-point the exact location of any aches/pain/tension in your body and muscles, and she manipulated the energy and melt away the issues both efficiently and effectively.Massage as a whole was sensual and therapeutic, she could identify any blockage in the flow of the chakra and unblocked any issues to promote better flow of energy around the body.She put you at ease and you would leave the session with all your tension, weight lifted from your body, a sense of freedom and feeling total relaxation. Guarantee a good night sleep after this.
Experience with Marta was very spiritual and amazing. I happened to meet her when I was so tired and depressed during my business trip. Unexpectedly, I had her massages for two days continuously!Her treatments made me relaxed and calm. We started gazing together for a while after the small chat, then she massaged my body very gently as if she had embraced me. My stress was gone and I felt her energy pouring into my body. I got find a peace of mind.Finally I could recover my positive way of thinking with smiling. I think her massage is not only for the body but also for the mind.Thank you, Marta. I hope to see you again in near future.
Marta is very kind, sincere, professional and skilful.She has taken the time to have an informal chat with me at the beginning. She was welcome, approachable and friendly. We chatted for about 30 mins as she tried to get to know me, my interests, passions, as well as my issues, with my body, with my life, with my work, etc. The chat was just as important as the massage.She was very skilful, was able to pin-point exactly where all my knots were with minimal effort and proceed to sooth them and "destroy" them through various pressures and techniques. I could physically feel the tightness one by one disappearing.The whole 2 hours treatment was serene, calm and total relaxation, as she worked through my entire body from head to toe.My body felt free and the weight and the tightness pre-treatment had dissipated.After the session, I was able to sleep much better and deeper, I am used to wake up very early before 6am daily but the first night after the session, I didnt surface until 9am. I felt so energised.So happy with the treatment and the care and time Marta spent to fix me up.I will be booking to see her same time next month.
Marta provided a professional and exceptional environment and really cares about your requirements and expectations. The entire experience was surreal and was a real eye-opener with both mental and physical stimulation mixed with medication and calming music and scents. Thank you again Marta and continue your outstanding work!
I think somebody had described it as a "a touch of Heaven" and they were not wrong. I have so far only had one session with Marta and was not sure what to expect, Marta does not just come to massage she also likes to get to know a little about you, a genuinely warm and friendly girl who will put you at ease straight away. The massage itself was incredible, invigorating, relaxing and by the end I felt at peace, like I was floating on air, at the end Marta thought I had fallen asleep but in fact I was just so relaxed I didn't want to move or even speak, I just wanted to savour that floating sensation. I will go back to Marta and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone.Be sure to read her FAQ in full, it is very clear and definitely helpful.
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